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Working Abroad Has Become Easier Than Ever

If you are reading this article, chances are you are currently on the lookout for a new job opportunity somewhere around the world.

You also have the experience and/or the skills that would qualify you for a decent job, but what you don’t know, is how you go around getting a job abroad This is where we come in.


So what does MovinHand do?


MovinHand connects job-seekers like you, with employers from all around the world, bringing you one step closer to finding a job that matches your skills, maybe even landing you your dream job!

To be more specific, MovinHand is a web-based platform that helps you take your skills where they are needed the most.

I bet you re thinking “Oh great, another job board”!

Let’s set matters straight. MovinHand is more like a job board 3.0 given that it works as:

  • a curated talent & employer hub
  • a personal CV & brand builder
  • a relocation assistant and an immigration specialist


Our role does not end with giving you a list of jobs to chose from.That’s simply the starting point.

We help you personalize your job search experience and get you hired and we don’t stop till you sort all your mobility, relocation and short-term immigrations issues.


Matching global supply and demand for highly skilled professionals


MovinHand aims to become a part of the solution to two major modern workforce problems. 

On the one hand: jobseekers like you can’t find jobs matching their skills in their home countries. 

You may well be equipped and skillful, but the lack of demand for your skills in your country has left you without the job you want.

On the other hand: employers in certain regions of the world are struggling to fill positions that require your type of skills and talent.

So, if you zoom out of your personal career bummers and look at the big picture, what you’ll see is high unemployment going hand in hand with hundreds of persistent job openings across different regions. This happens mainly because in some regions the number of high-skilled workers is far larger than the number of job positions available. While in others, job demand is just greater than the supply.

And this will go on forever if high-skilled workers, just like you, won’t hunt for jobs across borders and if employers, just like them, look nowhere further than their local talent pool. And that is the exact problem in a nutshell that MovinHand comes to solve.


Why you should give MovinHand a try


  • We deliver you first-class jobs: 

MovinHand opens the doors to millions of fixed term job opportunities around the world. Opportunities that you would not find otherwise. Therefore, if you are jobless, cashless yet skillful and willful, MovinHand is your ace up your sleeve.

  • You broaden your skills and build your CV

This is your chance to get a job that matches your skills in a world-class working environment, where you will feel appreciated and proud of your work. Not to mention things like salaries, which may be up to 30% higher than having the same job back home.

  • You get a once in a lifetime opportunity with minimal effort

But, there is so much more to this chance than that; than having a good job, getting paid and building your career. Being xxx,xxx miles away from home, might be a bit hard for you. But that’s one side of the coin. Flip it again, and what you’ll see is a once (or twice or thrice –it’s up to you–) in a lifetime chance.

Don’t miss it. Don’t miss the chance of living abroad, of meeting new places and new faces. Dare to step into a whole new world. And once you step out, you will no longer be the same person. And if you are not an inspirational quotes kind of person, we’ve got something for you too: It’s not a forever job. So, just give it a try for crying out loud.


What makes MovinHand better than other job sites?


I’m glad you asked. If you stick with us, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Let me clear things up for you:

  1. You will never need to worry about your future employers credibility

Unlike other job sites, we only feature jobs from highly credible employers. We double and triple check who is who before granting anyone access.

  1. We take care of your contract

Another step we take towards simplifying your getting hired, is preparing online contracts for you to sign with your future employer. You will never have to worry about traveling abroad to the unknown with no guarantee of a job, as everything will be signed and verified beforehand.

  1. We take care of all your relocation needs

You won’t need to trouble yourself too much with visa requirements or ticket bookings and house hunting. We do all the legwork for you telling you what paperwork you will need and offer you ready to choose from options for your travel and housing. MovinHand is your “one stop finding a job abroad shop”, that provides you with everything you need; from finding a job, to arriving at your employer's doorstep.