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7 Signs It's Time To Find A Job Abroad

Tick tock goes the clock. You are still where you used to be one year ago, unemployed, underemployed or just bored. Asking yourself the same question again and again: “Is it the right time to try my luck overseas?”

Well, you are not alone in this game. There are millions of people around the world facing the same dilemma.

But how do you know that you are ready to take the big step overseas? And how will your recognise your globally minded peers?

Well, we might have a clue. This is a short list of signs telling you that you need to move on.

Sign 1: Jobless for more than a year

A whole year without a single day of work has passed. You are broke and broken-hearted. Unemployment in your country has hit double-digit numbers, so there is fierce competition for only a few jobs. It’s crystal clear that there is only one way out: making a new start overseas.


Sign 2: Stuck in a dead-end job

You are bogged down with a nerve-wracking, tedious job, doing the same things all over again since day one. No challenge, no chance of getting a pay rise or promotion - the happiest part of the day is when you wave goodbye to your boss. But you can’t quit, because you are scared you will fall back into category 1. What about a restart?

Sign 3: Your CV is boring as watching grass grow 

Take a moment and read you CV pretending you are a recruiter. If all you can see is blah blah blah YOUR NAME blah blah, it’s high time you came up with something special to stand out from the crowd. Working abroad for 6 months is like putting your name in neon light – people will notice. Research by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that the number of workers who will be employed overseas at least once in their career will grow by 50 per cent over the next ten years.

Sign 4: Being equipped with a country-related skill

Being able to cook delicious coq au vin is one thing; doing that among a bunch of seasoned chefs in a prestigious Parisian restaurant is another. Some skills just look better if they have been acquired in their natural habitat. If your CV says you are fluent in Spanish, why not work in Spain, Argentina or Mexico?

Sign 5: Your heart beats faster every time someone tells you they have landed a job abroad

Your friends have inundated your Facebook wall with pictures from exotic destinations. Young and restless, they can work everywhere they want, from an outlandish ranch in Patagonia to an exotic beach in Malaysia. You want to have a try too. But your rational self says ‘No’, reminding you all those things that could go wrong. Follow your heart. Or take heed to Franklin D Roosevelt’s timeless piece of advice: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Sign 6: You feel like an adventurer, but your wallet shouts “stay home”

You live and breathe adventure, but your bank account is dying a slow death. If you can’t afford it, why not get others to fund your globetrotting adventures? Get a job as a receptionist in Rio de Janeiro and enjoy Copacabana’s surfing delights. Six months later you may find yourself working in a hotel in South Australia and cage dive with white sharks in your midst.

Sign 7: Every day feels the same

Have you watched “Groundhog Day”? Spoiler Alert: A haunting Bill Murray goes through the same day’s events over and over again. Does this remind you of someone? If you feel you no longer live life to the fullest in your home town, maybe it’s time for a change. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and off you go.

So these are a few signs you should not ignore if you feel like you need a change of scenery. Remember, there is no such thing as the right time to find a job abroad. Just take a step behind and think: if there was an alarm clock to remind you to you to do things, like quitting your job or looking for work abroad, would you use it? Or would you press snooze?

Maybe wait for another couple of years? Or forever?

Well, this could be your ‘Now-or-Never’ moment. Don’t hesitate to move on.