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2015 TEFL Teachers’ Salaries Across the Globe Infographic

A TEFL certificate is your passport to employment as an English teacher anywhere in the world. It’s one of those rare skills which is transferable to any country and any environment, thanks to the continued interest worldwide in learning English. TEFL Iberia graduates have gone on to teach in places as diverse as South America, Japan, China, France and of course Barcelona, amongst others. But the average salary for a TEFL teacher can vary wildly from country to country, so it seems useful to compile some data and look at the average salary in the most common TEFL teaching destinations. The 2015 TEFL Teachers’ Salaries Across the Globe Infographic presents what was found by asking 249 different teachers in 7 different countries, part time and full time, what they earned while TEFL teaching.

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source: http://elearninginfographics.com/